Market Ready Makeover

It's well known that homebuyers like to be able to imagine how your home may fit their family and lifestyle. For years TV and media have been pushing the notion of neutralising your home to maximise its sale potential. In truth, it is not so much the neutrality but the tone that can make the difference. With an unbiased eye, we can advise upon and implement changes to help increase your home's appeal to prospective buyers.

Rather than a mask of magnolia, we like to bring out the very best in your home with classic yet contemporary colours and finishes, taking cues from your existing decor, while considering the bigger picture through the eyes of a potential buyer. Whether it's an ultra-modern new build or a Victorian townhouse we believe that a home feeling like a home is what makes the difference and bland 'neutralised' rooms are unlikely to help in this respect.

As well as paint and decoration we advise addressing any minor repairs. All those loose ends you hoped to get around to one day, the little things that you may not notice anymore, those are the very things that a buyer may flag up as work to be done and potential for leverage when it comes to making an offer. In addition to the decor, we are also happy to advise on other aspects that may help you get your home market ready, such as decluttering and reconfiguring furnishings.

For some people the process can initially seem a little intrusive, especially when you have styled your home to suit your tastes. We understand this, which is why we like to work closely with you to make changes that don't simply whitewash over character and styling but make the most of what really makes your home great.

To be investing in your home just as you're planning to move on can sometimes feel a little counter-intuitive, something we know from personal experience, but we have also seen that this relatively small investment can quickly pay-off. We'd love to discuss getting your home market ready. Please get in touch on the number below or via our contact page.

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